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8611 47th Drive, Live Oak, Florida, 32060–7300 Phone: 386-590-9053 Email: Billie.Rooney@gmail.com

Pick from 3,000 bushes in four varieties.  Our bushes are just the right size for easy pickin'.  Walk on mowed grass between the rows.  

U-Pick or We-Pick

Pickin' Tips:

No pesticides used on blueberries.

We provide buckets.

SO easy to pick…

SO many ways to use…





Salad Dressing

On your cereal

In your muffins


SO good for you…

Visit pickyourown.org to see a wealth of information on using our berries.

Ripe, juicy, delicious – oh so good for you        

Click on this link for health & nutrition info

U-Pick - $10 per one gallon bucket
We-Pick - $20 per one gallon bucket

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