U-Pick or We-Pick

Ripe, juicy, delicious – oh so good for you        

Pick from 3,000 bushes in four varieties.  
Our bushes are just the right size for easy pickin'.  
Walk on mowed grass between the rows.  

Pickin' Tips:


No pesticides used  on blueberries.

Visit pickyourown.org to see a wealth of information on using our berries.

We provide buckets.

SO easy to pick…

SO good for you…

SO many ways to use…

Click on this link for health & nutrition info




Salad Dressing


On your cereal

In your muffins


U-Pick - $12 per one gallon bucket
We-Pick - $25 per five pound box

Call 386-590-9053 to order “We-Pick”

          Cash, Check,
      Cash App, & Venmo

   We are unable to accept
      debit or credit cards

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