What's New

Notes: (leave at top)

Mobile redirect: When the main index.shtml page is opened on a mobile device, it gets redirected to the /m/index.shtml page.
To prevent the page from automatically returning to the mobile page if the site visitor wants to see the full size site, the link to the full-size page on the mobile site opens indexnr.shtml (nr for no re-direct), which has the redirect code removed. The page is identical except for the lacking redirect code.

When a new full size page is created, copy the new code to the indexnr.shtml page and remove the redirect script at the top (around line 190).

End Notes

January 9, 2024

Changed copyright date to 2024.

December 10, 2023

Fixed Google Indexing problems -- awaiting Re-indexing.
Moved CodeLobster edit folder to G:\..\wp-rfarm\Codelobster\

June 29, 2023

Added an Update Hours page so that the Directions pages (both changed to .shtml) can have the hours changed dynamically, similar to the welcome message on the home page.

June 19, 2023

Updated the hours for both full and mobile.
Belatedly updated (c) from 2022 to 2023. Sorry! :-(

January 21, 2020

Updated all pages to Copyright 2021.

October 14, 2020

Added a Reply-To directive in the header of the message that has the Sender's email. All you have to do is Reply To the message, and the Reply message will put the sender's email address in the new REPLY email's TO block. Much easier.

July 21, 2020

Moved the menu to the top of each window, so it's at the top of the frame when the page scrolls. The menu is always accessible no matter where the page is scrolled.
Did this by promoting the menu from the Master Page to the page, and clicking Bring to Front. It appears above ever element on the page, except the slide show on the Main page.

July 8, 2020

Other changes:
All Pages: Delete PayPal
Blueberry Page: We-Pick - $24
Family Fun: replace dad and son pic with red pick up family pic
Slideshow: All the attached pics Space out the two red pick up pics in the slideshow.
Replace current "Fresh from Florida" in the footer with attached Fresh from Florida
Can you add a short little video on the blueberry page where it will play automatically without clicking on it?  If so, replace the buckets of blueberries on the table (top right) with the video clip and add the buckets of blueberries to the slideshow.  See the following:

Added a video at the top of the Blueberries pages.
 -- Used Shotcut to remove audio
 -- Set it to loop over and over once started
 -- Can't find a way to get it to autostart -- still trying

May 17, 2020

Added a phone format function to put every phone number in the xxx-xxx-xxxx format.

April 30, 2020

Redesigned the site in full:

* New Pix
* New menu structure--Blue buttons at top, just below is different content for every page.
* Changed
* Added a slide show (approx 90 pix)
* Removed Mobile and Full Site icons and added Menu buttons (tabs)
* Removed Sheep page -- no longer in sheep sales business -- also removed the Meat Sheep icon at bottom
* Replace the non-functioning Yahoo map with Google Map

Added a SPAM filter to the Full and Mobile Contact Us pages.
* Marks foreign text in a message as SPAM
* Marks messages having a SPAM word as SPAM
* Has a custom and editable SPAM Words list (nono.php) -- editor accessible from the Edit Welcome screen.

February 14, 2020

Added TOP button at the botton of the page, which appears when you scroll the page down a small amount.
Added the button to every full-size page.

January 5, 2020

Changed all pages to Copyright 2020 vs 2019

July 14, 2019

Adjusted the Welcome Message editing page to show the same number of lines as the front page windows. So if it fits in the Edit window with a margin on top and bottom, it should fit on the RooneyFarm home page.

Adjusted the Mobile Home page to show a smaller font version of the message to scale for the smaller screen. If the message fits on the Full version, it should fit on the mobile screen.

Added a link to this page on the Welcome Message edit page so you don't have to remember the link to get there.

April 22, 2019

Implemented an editable Welcome Message on the Rooney Farm home page. The benefits are:

1.    Faster time-to-change when conditions warrant
2.    Simpler method to update the Welcome message without having to actually edit web pages.
3.    Update can be made by someone who may not be familiar with webpage editing, protocols and languages.

SHTML page properties

The SHTML page allows the use of an INCLUDE directive to load a text file as part of the page load. This text file can be edited at any time and when the SHTML page is reloaded, the updated text file will be loaded.

The editor is a simple WYSIWYG editor to allow formatting the message with colors, font types, font weights, etc. The editor has Format options that provide a large number of format options.


The editor opens the text file and displays it in a window for editing:


Formatting the Text

There are format buttons on the tool bar. They include format options for selected text.

1.    Font color -- click to choose a color for characters

2.    Character background color - This is used to provide a contrast -- such as red letters on a yellow background, etc.

3.      Insert/Edit Link -- use this to add hyperlinks to the text in the message. Highlight the text you'd like to be in the link and press this button:

If you highlight text, it will appear in the Text to Display box.
If there was a link already defined, it will appear in the URL box.
The Title box is a ToolTip that pops up when the mouse hovers over the link. Use it to give further guidance on the link.
The Open link in... box give a choice of replacing the page with the link with the new page, or opening the new page in a new window.
Click Save when the link is complete

4. Code view and Edit option -- This is a function that will be used by only those who are very familiar with HTML code.

This option is best used by someone with detailed knowledge of the HTML language. Misplacing tags or brackets could really cause the message to become badly formatted.

5.    Format Menu Item - this provides a huge number of format options. Highlight the text you'd like to format and click Format:

You can click the Bold, Italic, Undeline options, or use the shortcuts shown (Ctrl+B, Ctrl+I,Ctrl+U).
For Strikethrough, Superscript, Subscript, click those options on this dropdown menu.
The Code option is the same as the described above -- just another way to access it.
The Formats and Blocks options are of limited use, for now.
The Fonts option gives a list of font faces you can choose.
The Font sizes gives a list of font sizes.
The Align function allows you to align Left, Center, Right, or to Justify the text (flush on both the right and left sides.)
The Clear formatting lets you remove all of the formatting and start over.

When all changes are done, press the Update button to save your changes. The text will be saved and the edit page will be reopened.