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8611 47th Drive ●  Live Oak, Florida 32060–7300 Phone: (386) 590-9053 Email:

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Convenient to Live Oak, Lake City, Wellborn,
White Springs, Branford, and the I-75 & I-10 interchange

Thank you for sharing your blueberries with us.  The farm is so beautiful and the blueberry rows are lined up so neatly, which made it very easy to pick them.  The blueberries were so delicious and I can’t wait to come back this year! Doris, Wellborn

I love picking blackberries at Rooney’s Front Porch Farm.  The berries were huge and on trellises up off the ground so they were easy to reach and the vines were thornless.  The blackberries were sweet tasting and lacked the bitterness that some berries have.  It is my intention to go back every season.  Beckie, Branford

The Rooney's blueberry field is amazing!  It's so clean I wore shorts and took my two young granddaughters to pick those plump, juicy and sweet blueberries!  Laurece, Lake City

Can't wait for Rooney's berries to get ripe!  My visit last year revealed  a patch that was clean and beautiful  with big luscious berries and very friendly and helpful owners.    You can't go wrong by visiting.  Have fun and I bet you won't be able to pick just one bucket.  Carolyn, Live Oak

I picked blueberries last summer at Rooney’s Front Porch Farm with my two children, ages 2 and 5, and we all had a great time.  The berries were large, plentiful, and delicious!  The farm is very clean and well maintained and I did not have to worry about my children accidentally stepping in ant beds, which has been an issue with other "you-pick" farms.  We can't wait to go again this year! Heather, Tallahassee

On behalf of Girl Scout troop 191, I would like thank you for a wonderful educational experience that was most delicious!  The girls and leaders learned so much about blueberries; how you grow them, how to pick them, how to cook them and our favorite, how to eat them.  Your southern hospitality and your charming farm made for an amazing day that our troop will never forget. Thank you again, Carol Freeman, Leader, Troop 191, St. Petersburg, FL

I picked blueberries at Rooney’s Front Porch Farm last year. It was my first time picking  at a blueberry farm.  The berries were plump, sweet and delicious. You can tell great pride is taken with them and looking forward to picking more this year. Shared with my family and they were wanting more! Definitely a must do on my list and planning on taking family this year.  Sylvia, Live Oak


Last year, I had the pleasure of experiencing Front Porch Farm you-pick blueberry harvest.  I can't wait to benefit from this years crop as well.  I enjoyed spending time outdoors and picking those nice berries.  They were perfect for eating fresh or putting in the freezer, also good for making special dishes.  I fixed lots of cobblers, cakes, muffins and more.  Can't hardly wait for this season.  Shirley, Live Oak 

Best blueberries I have had since leaving New England.  Penny, Ft. White

You have the cleanest fields that I have seen and the ground cloth keeps the sand out of my shoes. The berries are delicious and easy to pick. I can hardly wait for them to be ripe. Tom, Wellborn

I love having a place to take my small children to experience picking their own fruit.  The Rooney's are very hospitable and help make every trip easy and memorable.  The farm is clean and well laid out so anyone of any age can enjoy.  Lisa, Wellborn

On a warm summer morning, I headed out to pick my own blueberries, to put on my breakfast.  When I arrived I was surprised to see how neat and orderly the rows of bushes were.  In very little time I had a full bucket.  There is something about picking your own fresh blueberries, getting them right off the bush.  It's an experience to remember.  A few days later, I convinced my wife to go.  She loved the blackberries and seeing the horse.  George, Lake City

I would really like to tell folks how very delicious these berries are and one of my favorite things about them is that they are Pesticide Free.  The Farm is so picturesque one should definitely bring a camera when visiting with children.  A beautiful place for a family snapshot!  Yvonne, Gainesville

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